I was very impressed when I was fortunate enough to hear a preview of this song when I met up with Eileen Daly and Ben Thirkettle - The Courtesans - during a visit to London a week ago. My initial impressions about the song performed by this very talented duo have been reinforced after listening to it again. Hopefully, this very hardworking and creative couple will receive the plaudits they deserve. I now look forward to hearing more songs as they work towards completing their album.
-Reg Dyer (Magazine Bloger)

In the studio working on Doll, its sounding mighty fine..we do not do covers all our songs are our own tunes, Please don't get us mixed up with other bands with the same name.. we are a London/Chelsea band going since 2005 and are currently in the studio doing our tracks ALL 30 OF THEM! my! my! each will have a video too follow...The Band works closely with Loaded TV, as Eileen works as an actress there.  The Band has a new manager. A young up and coming entrepreneur who stops at nothing..hahahaha The Best..We are very excited as there are so many things in the pipe line. my dream is to one day do Vegas on a six month contact..Thats just a dream, and with our music I do think something will happen, maybe not that, but other things with a little help from our friends, at the end of the day the music dose the talking, I THINK SOME BANDS FORGET THAT!! hahahahahahahaha

EILEEN DALY ACTING (playlist) The Courtesans

The Courtesans

The Courtesans as a band has been going since 2005, since then a lot has happen, band members have come and gone, and alas in 2006 Eileen got very very ill, which lasted for many years, now The Courtesans are ready they are in the studio with over 30 songs, plus writing new ones, Ben produces all the music and Eileen and Ben write together..
The Courtesans are a London Gypsy Glam Rock band, formed by British cult Horror actress Eileen Daly (former vocalist of Jezebel). Co-band member, Ben Thirkettle (formally of Goodbye Planet) produces all the music for the band.
The Courtesans take inspiration from musicians such as T.Rex, The Cramps and Alex Harvey, they are also heavily influenced by classical music. The Courtesans sound is colorful, fun and organic. The band have a DIY attitude and a punk spirit.
Please check them out they wont bite.


Home of The Courtesans | Eileen Daly & Ben Thirkettle's, Gypsy Glam Rock & Roll Band

Home of The Courtesans | Eileen Daly & Ben Thirkettle's, Gypsy Glam Rock & Roll Band